Free lance journalist, public speaker

  • Interviews of French thinkers : historian Pierre Chaunu on the French Revolution, Christian psychoanalyst Tony Anatrella, sociologist Emmanuel Todd on family structures, of philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, Nobel Prize Winner (economy) Maurice Allais
  • Interviews of religious figures : of Father Bernard Alexandre, the author of a best seller on rural catholic France " le Horsain ", Brother Roger, founder of the inter-religious movement "Taizé", of Abbé Pierre, the founder of the Emmaus movement, encounter with Mother Teresa
  • of political and business leaders : of former cabinet Minister and leader of the UDF centrist movement Alain Madelin), of Dr Robert Aymar in charge of coordinating the international project ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), of the head of the reactor division of the CEA (French Nuclear Energy Committee) and of the head of the international division of the public utility EDF
  • Free lance writer, recent articles on the controversy concerning the prohibition of the Islamic Veil in French schools and the question of “Laicity”, on unemployment in France (in French),
  • Public speeches at conferences on the family structure throughout history (in English) or on the Relationship between State and Religion in France (in English).
  • Former Treasurer of the Foreign Press Association in France (Association de la Presse Etrangère)
  • Resume in French (C.V)